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Implementing the Kyoto Protocol: Practical, Affordable and Achievable Solutions Jim Fulton November 2003 Submission Climate solutions
Keeping Canada in Kyoto: The Case for Immediate Ratification and Domestic Emission Reductions June 2002 Submission Climate solutions
British Columbia at the Crossroads: Clean Energy or More Pollution? Stuart Hertzog, Dermot Foley, Gerry Scott November 2001 Submission, Recommendation Climate solutions
Canada: Climate Change and the New Economy Jim Fulton October 2001 Submission Climate solutions
From Crisis to Opportunity: Climate Change, Ecological Sustainability and Economic Security Jim Fulton November 1999 Submission Climate solutions, Environmental rights
De la crise à l’occasion à saisir : Changement climatique, viabilité écologique et sécurité économique Jim Fulton September 1999 Submission
The Role of Government: A Briefing Paper to the Honourable Paul Martin, September 29, 1997 Michael Margolick September 1997 Submission, Report Climate solutions