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SUBMISSION — Ensuring a Future for Canada’s Grizzly Bears: Letter from Scientists to Premier Gordon Campbell Paul Paquet, Fred L. Bunnell, Charlie Russell, Barrie Gilbert, Lance Craighead, Wayne McCrory, Chris Darimont, Brian Horejsi April 2010 Submission Biodiversity
SUBMISSION — A New Climate for Conservation: Letter from Scientists to Premier Gordon Campbell James E. Hansen, Bill McKibben, Stuart Pimm, William Rees, David Schindler, Fiona Schmiegelow, Michael Soulé, Nancy Turner, Andrew Weaver January 2010 Submission Climate solutions
Pesticide Active Ingredients Registered in Canada but Prohibited in Other OECD Nations Ann Rowan June 2006 Submission Biodiversity
Fostering a Sustainable Canada: Protecting our Health, Environment and Economy December 2004 Submission, Recommendation Climate solutions, Environmental rights, Cities
Implementing the Kyoto Protocol: Practical, Affordable and Achievable Solutions Jim Fulton November 2003 Submission Climate solutions
Keeping Canada in Kyoto: The Case for Immediate Ratification and Domestic Emission Reductions June 2002 Submission Climate solutions
British Columbia at the Crossroads: Clean Energy or More Pollution? Stuart Hertzog, Dermot Foley, Gerry Scott November 2001 Submission, Recommendation Climate solutions
Canada: Climate Change and the New Economy Jim Fulton October 2001 Submission Climate solutions
From Crisis to Opportunity: Climate Change, Ecological Sustainability and Economic Security Jim Fulton November 1999 Submission Climate solutions, Environmental rights
De la crise à l’occasion à saisir : Changement climatique, viabilité écologique et sécurité économique Jim Fulton September 1999 Submission
The Role of Government: A Briefing Paper to the Honourable Paul Martin, September 29, 1997 Michael Margolick September 1997 Submission, Report Climate solutions