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On the Edge: British Columbia’s Unprotected Transboundary Species Michelle Connolly, Keith Ferguson, Susan Pinkus, Faisal Moola September 2010 Report Biodiversity, Cities
Setting the Stage for a Sustainable Energy Strategy: Canada’s Necessary Opportunity Marlo Raynolds September 2010 Report Climate solutions
The Maple Leaf in the OECD: Canada’s Environmental Performance Thomas Gunton, K. S. Calbick June 2010 Report Environmental rights
A Grizzly Challenge: Ensuring a Future for Alberta’s Threatened Grizzlies Jeff Gailus May 2010 Report Biodiversity
Ensuring a Future for Canada’s Grizzly Bears: A Report on the Sustainability of the Trophy Hunt in B.C. Jeff Gailus, Faisal Moola, Michelle Connolly April 2010 Report, Recommendation Biodiversity
Conservation Value of the North American Boreal Forest from an Ethnobotanical Perspective Amanda Karst March 2010 Report Biodiversity, Environmental rights
A New Climate for Conservation: Nature, Carbon and Climate Change in British Columbia Jim Pojar January 2010 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
Managing B.C.’s Forests for a Cooler Planet: Carbon Storage, Sustainable Jobs and Conservation Ben Parfitt January 2010 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions
Climate Leadership, Economic Prosperity: Final Report on an Economic Study of Greenhouse Gas Targets and Policies for Canada “ Matthew Bramley, Pierre Sadik, Dale Marshall October 2009 Report Climate solutions
Exploration of Two Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets: 25% Below 1990 and 20% Below 2006 Levels by 2020 Matthew Bramley, Pierre Sadik, Dale Marshall October 2009 Report Climate solutions
Protection climatique et prospérité économique: Étude sur les conséquences économiques des émissions de gaz à effet de serre et sur les mesures à adopter au Canada – Rapport final Pierre Sadik, Matthew Bramley, Dale Marshall October 2009 Report
Purchasing Carbon Offsets: A Guide for Canadian Consumers, Businesses and Organizations Deborah Carlson, Paul Lingl, Rich Wong August 2009 Report, Backgrounder Climate solutions