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Un virage énergique : devant l’inaction du fédéral, les provinces s’attaquent aux changements climatiques Dale Marshall October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Credit Check: A Comparative Evaluation of Tree-Planting and Fossil-Fuel Emission Reduction Offsets October 2008 Technical brief Climate solutions
Deep Reductions, Strong Growth: An Economic Analysis Showing that Canada Can Prosper Economically While Doing Its Share to Prevent Dangerous Climate Change October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Tomorrow Today: How Canada Can Make a World of Difference March 2008 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions, Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity
Switch Green: Energy Star Appliance Feebate Nic Rivers, Jotham Peters January 2007 Report, Recommendation Cities, Climate solutions
Toward a National Sustainable Development Strategy for Canada: Putting Canada on the Path to Sustainability within a Generation Thomas Gunton, Chris Joseph January 2007 Report Climate solutions, Biodiversity, Environmental rights
BACKGROUNDER — Quick Facts about Climate and the Olympics January 2007 Backgrounder Cities, Climate solutions
Meeting the Challenge: A Carbon Neutral 2010 Winter Games Discussion Paper January 2007 Report, Recommendation Climate solutions, Cities
All Over the Map: 2006 Status Report of Provincial Climate Change Plans Dale Marshall January 2006 Report Climate solutions
Drive Green: Company Car Tax Shift Nic Rivers, Rose Murphy, Mark Jaccard, Paulus Mau December 2005 Report Cities, Climate solutions
All Over the Map: A Comparison of Provincial Climate Change Plans Dale Marshall October 2005 Report Climate solutions
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — The Maple Leaf in the OECD: Comparing Progress toward Sustainability October 2005 Executive summary Climate solutions, Environmental rights