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B.C.’s Bountiful Sea: Heritage Worth Preserving Jodi Stark October 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
The Last Place on Earth: British Columbia Needs a Law to Protect Species from Habitat Loss and Global Warming Sean Nixon, Devon Page, Susan Pinkus October 2008 Recommendation, Report Biodiversity
Pricing Carbon: Saving Green — A Carbon Price to Lower Emissions, Taxes and Barriers to Green Technology Nic Rivers, Dave Sawyer October 2008 Report Climate solutions
SOMMAIRE EXÉCUTIF — Instaurer un prix du carbone October 2008 Executive summary Climate solutions
An Upstream Battle: Declines in 10 Pacific Salmon Stocks and Solutions for Their Survival Karl K. English, Gordon J. Glova, Anita C. Blakley October 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
Provincial Power Play: Breaking Away from Federal Inaction on Climate Change Dale Marshall October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Un virage énergique : devant l’inaction du fédéral, les provinces s’attaquent aux changements climatiques Dale Marshall October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Credit Check: A Comparative Evaluation of Tree-Planting and Fossil-Fuel Emission Reduction Offsets October 2008 Technical brief Climate solutions
Deep Reductions, Strong Growth: An Economic Analysis Showing that Canada Can Prosper Economically While Doing Its Share to Prevent Dangerous Climate Change October 2008 Report Climate solutions
Couper l’herbe sous le pied des pesticides – Analyse du Code de gestion des pesticides du Québec et recommandations pour une réglementation provinciale efficace Lova Ramanitrarivo, Simona Untaru, Lisa Gue October 2008 Report Biodiversity