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The role and value of science in shark conservation advocacy David S. Shiffman, Catherine C. Macdonald, Scott Wallace, Nicholas K. Dulvy August 2021 Report Biodiversity, Oceans and fresh water
Pacific Marine Conservation Caucus response to draft 2020-21 Pacific herring IFMP Scott Wallace, Karen Wristen, Misty MacDuffee, Aaron Hill January 2021 Submission Oceans and fresh water
Submission to the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance July 2020 Submission Climate solutions, Biodiversity
Wild Works Best: Salmon hatcheries are no silver bullet for rebuilding fish populations Jeffrey Young, Panos Grames June 2020 Report Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity
One Change, Two Wins: How Adding Lights to Trawl Nets Can Help Eulachon and B.C.’s Shrimp Fishery Scott Wallace October 2015 Backgrounder Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity
Canada’s Pacific Groundfish Trawl Habitat Agreement: A Global First in an Ecosystem Approach to Bottom Trawl Impacts Scott Wallace, Bruce Turris, John Driscoll, Karin Bodtker, Brian Mose, Gordon Munro June 2015 Report Oceans and fresh water
Rockfish Conservation Areas in B.C.: Our Current State of Knowledge Dana Haggarty March 2014 Technical brief Oceans and fresh water, Biodiversity
Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services: A Report on Ecosystem Services in the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA) on the British Columbia coast Michelle Molnar, Cathryn Clarke-Murray, John Whitworth, Jordan Tam February 2009 Recommendation, Report Oceans and fresh water
An Upstream Battle: Declines in 10 Pacific Salmon Stocks and Solutions for Their Survival Karl K. English, Gordon J. Glova, Anita C. Blakley October 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY — Thriving Economies, Healthy Oceans: Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture June 2008 Executive summary Oceans and fresh water
Global Assessment of Closed System Aquaculture May 2008 Report Oceans and fresh water
Returning Salmon: Integrated Planning and the Wild Salmon Policy of B.C. Marc Nelitz, Carol Murray, Katherine Wieckowski March 2008 Report, Recommendation Oceans and fresh water